Strategic Marketing

Shout Marketing Solution is a specialized corner of all Shout ACS business divisions. Subscribe to the focal point of the nature of business. Strong parameters to provide total marketing solution that includes:


    Identify inadequate market elements and initiate STRATEGIC, corrective and grooming measures for the business to face market. Example: The Product or Services Packaging, Branding, Channel & Distribution. Customer Service Process etc.


    The ability to place and MOVE the product in the market. Deal with the characteristics and infrastructure of Channel & Distribution (C&D) to bring in the appropriate business results.


    Forward SUPPORT in view of the establishing strong relationship with customers. Ensure repeated sales and dissemination of positive values to other potential consumers.

4 S.M.S Strategic Processes

  • Marketing Development – Existing Product, New Market
  • Market Penetration – Existing Product, Existing Market
  • Product Development – New Product, Existing Market
  • Diversification – New Product, New Market

Core S.M.S Consultation Services

Marketing / Revenue Performance:

  • Channel & Distribution Process
  • Retailing / Retail Marketing
  • Promotional Development

Brand Performance:

  • Brand Development Process
  • Product Development
  • Customer Service
  • Comunication Strategy

Ancillary S.M.S Consultation Services

Business Foundation:

  • Entrepreneur Development – Mentor: Working paper and projection etc.
  • Business License Formulation