Video Marketing

Video is quickly becoming the number one way to connect with consumers, viewers, and followers. Between the automatic video-playback on most social media mobile feeds, and the 2.08 billion global smartphone users in 2016, an effective video marketing strategy can provide one of the highest ROIs for any brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Thanks to developments in tech tools, it’s easier than ever to create a fun video at little to no cost. Businesses can use their own smartphone cameras or sign up for a service that creates animated explainer videos. But it’s still important to carefully craft a strategy for your video-marketing activities to maximize your reach

Video Marketing Strategy

The goal of your video marketing strategy should be to educate, entertain, and inspire your viewers – this is the content that gets shared and remembered. Too much self-promotional content in your marketing strategy, will be perceived as spammy and go unnoticed. The more related they are to your brand, the better. Research and experiment to determine the most effective style and topics for your niche – and don’t be afraid to borrow ideas from those that have already been successful. Some of the greatest marketing campaigns have been those that took a strategy from an unrelated industry and integrated it into their market.

Topics and Formats

Which format and topic will connect with our target audience. Should your videos be instructional “how-to’s”, brand stories, narratives, etc.? The goal is to provide something that your viewers will appreciate and want to share.

Who Will Develop Your Video Content

You or your team can develop the videos themselves. If you plan to develop videos on a regular basis with a low budget, this may be the best option for you. However, if you do this you still want to ensure that the videos maintain a level of quality – even if they’re amateur productions. Spend some time researching how to create great video and consider taking a course that can provide you with additional insights.

You can work with an agency to develop the videos. This option is more expensive. However, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking to create a single, impactful video (or if you have a healthy marketing budget), working with professionals is certainly a beneficial option. Oh yeah, we actually can help you with your video marketing. Contact us to know more.

Leave Your Viewers Wanting More

if you can create videos that actually leave the viewer wanting more, they will share, like, and subscribe to see what video content is coming next. And this is when you know that your video marketing strategy has become a success!